Instructions for Asynchronous and Synchronous Discussion

1) Asynchronous:

By noon on October 6th (AZ time), each of you will have a separate page with the title and abstract for your poster presentation, along with an embedded video or picture that links to your presentation (depending on the format that you sent us). You can find the list of posters here:

At the bottom of this page there is a place for comments, and you are expected to respond to these comments at least once a day from October 6th to the 11th. There will also be a place for general comments at the bottom of the page with the full list of posters.

There are several ways to comment here. One way is that you can provide your name and email, which will allow you to receive emails about new comments if you check the box under the commenting field. Alternately, you can post through your WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus account.

2) Synchronous:

If you have indicated that you can participate in the livechat, before the day and time you indicated there will be a chat bar embedded on the right side of your personal poster page. This chat is managed by the CERCLL twitter account, and will have an introductory post about the time for your livechat.

Here are a few things to know to best use this chat bar:

1. You can post in the chat bar by either creating a username or logging in through your Twitter account. If you log in through Twitter, the chat will use your Twitter avatar.

2. There are a few things about the chat that you can configure by clicking the three horizontal bars on the right side of the solid blue box at the top of the chat bar, as shown in the picture below:

(Picture of blue chat bar)

If you click these three horizontal bars, you are presented with a window which has a few additional pieces of information (as shown in the screenshot below). The most relevant for you is the circular CERCLL icon. Clicking the CERCLL icon will let you: Display the chat channel name and allow you to open the chat in its own tab, allow you to turn on sounds and notifications so that you will hear a beep if you receive a message while you are in another program or browser tab, and adjust the chat color scheme.

Clicking the three horizontal bars also lets you see who is logged into the chat bar, and you can click on certain users names to exclude them and their messages from the chat if needed (such as by clicking the word “CERCLL” in the picture below). Below that, you can invite additional people to chat by clicking on the plus button—which is to the right of the number of people online.

(Chat Settings Page Picture)

3. You can quickly reply to anyone in the live chat by clicking on their avatar or initial to the left of their comments. This will indicate that a reply is to them, such as “@Michael . . .”. If they are logged in through Twitter, you can also click on their name above their comment to visit their Twitter page.

4. Within the chat bar you can also post URLs/links and they will become clickable, and you can also post online pictures by pasting the URL/link to that picture. This will generate a small version of that picture with a link called “[image]” below it. You can increase picture size by clicking on it, or go to the page with the original picture by clicking on the “[image]” link.

5. If you use a hashtag before a word, it will link to another chat channel—so only use hashtags if you are directing others to a different chat.

6. Finally, if you ever are unable to post or view new posts from others, you can refresh the browser page to fix it.